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Because Fred's partner Tom, went bowling in his league every Thursday evening, Fred would join us for dinner at my place. Both Dr. Bob and Ike live with me for a portion of each year. Bob has a place in Costa Rica and Ike's home is in Georgia. When the guys stay with me, my place is known as: "Motel 7 For Retired Musicians" This was one of those dinners.

Kurt Walter Uhlig



Fred Silver was a natural lecturer and a musical genius. In June 2008, Terry Hammond, video recorded Fred at his home. In the first video below, Fred talks about Stephen Sondheim's imspiration for many of Sondheim's songs, Fred plays some selections on his Yamaha grand piano. In the second video, Fred talks about 12 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS, and his musicals, IN GAY COMPANY and HANNAH.


Below is an edited version of the memorial service held at Science of Mind in Boca Raton. Dr. Barbara Lunde leads the service. Performaces are from Terry Hammond, McKenzie O'Connor, Melanie Sierra and Nadine Sierra. Eulogies are given by Tom Caskey and Sharon Weinberg. The service is presented in five parts due to the length constraints of YouTube.