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John DeMaio & Fred Silver first became a team in the summer of 1973 when John DeMaio was
asked if he could form a duo-piano team to succeed Whitemore & Lowe for an extended engagement
at New York's prestigious Rainbow Room. After unsuccessfully auditioning many pianists, someone
suggested he call Fred Silver.

Both of them already had extensive duo-piano experience at New York's One Fifth Avenue Hotel
at different times. They began to play and it sounded like they had been together for years!
Thus, the start of DeMaio & Silver at the Rainbow Room. They decided on an unusual format.
They would play pop music and show tunes as if wrtten by the great composers, demonstrating
their bravura technique. Fred did the majority of the arrangements for the duo that sound like a full
symphony orchestra!

In October of 1974, they gave thier legendary concert at Lincoln Center, attended by almost every musical
celebrity in New York. The concert was an overwelming success, leading to concert bookings  throughout the
country. This recording is made up of of live performances from many of these concerts.  
Click for Excerpts from the album.

1. If I Were A Rich Man 1:19 
2. Sunrise Sunset 0:34
3. L'Chaim (To Life) 0:59
4. Anything Goes 0:26
5. In The Still Of The Night 0:49
6. Begin The Beguine 0:41
7. Waltz (From A Little Night Music) 0:43
8. Send In The Clowns 0:56
9. Comedy Tonight  0:49
10. I Feel Pretty 01:02
11. Somewhere 1:32
12. Tonight 1:11 
13. March Of The Siamese Children  1:14
14. There Is Nothing Like A Dame 0:46
15. Carousel Waltz  1:33
16. They're Either Too Young Or Too Old 0:38
17. Somebody, Somewhere 1:07
18. Luck, Be A Lady Tonight  1:12
19. Ragtime Rialto Ripples 0:52
20. Easy Winners  0:53
21. The Entertainer  1:03
22. Theme From "Love Story" 1:21
23. Hernando's  Hideaway  0:52
24. Theme From "The Godfather" 0:32
25. Where Am I Going  1:09
26. Hey, Look Me Over  0:32
27. Somewhere My Love 1:05
28. Liza  (full track) 2:52

In Gay Company
A musical revue, words and music by Fred Silver.
In Gay Company was first presented over twenty years ago at "The Little Hippodrome"
in New York city. It ran for 244 performances.
It was later presented at "Studio One" in Hollywood, California.

This is the original cast recording with piano accompanimant.

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Click for Excerpts from the album.

1. Opening
2. Small Town Boy
3. Lament For A Man
4. I'm In Love With A Boy
5. Wooing The Woods
6. You Ought To Get Married
7. If He'd Only Be Gentle
8. Freddy's Fugue
9. Up On Your Toes
10. I Met My Love
11. Two Strangers
12. True Confession
13. Closing Time
14. Someone In My Life
15. Fireman's Song
16. Sondheim
17. Age Of Elegance